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Alpina Industrial Equipment, Services and Assemblies LTDA is a company of the Alpina group responsible for providing the services of assembly and installation of water cooling towers as well as for the complementary commissioning and start-up services to be performed after assembly.

All components and equipment provided by Alpina Equipment, and when contracted must be assembled, installed and set up by Alpina Assemblies.

The modality/ methods of assembly we offer are as follow:

  • Assembly supervision;
  • Full labor: supervisor, mechanical assemblers and assembling auxiliaries;
  • Complete assembly: labor and complete infrastructure( scaffolding and horizontal/ vertical transport).


Alpina Equipment performs assessments of the physical condition and operational conditions (availability) of water cooling towers of any size, type and manufacturer. The evaluations are performed by a technical team with long expeperience in the área, through technical visits to check each of the components and the operability of the set.

Performance tests on cooling towers are performed by trained and experienced engineers and can be performed on equipment of any size, type and manufacturer, following the Brazilian standard ABNT-NBR 9792, and the ATC-105 acceptance test procedure recommended by Cooling Technology Institute- CTI.


Supply of engineering projects for the retraining of water cooling towers of any model and manufacture, as well as supply of original Alpina components and installation and assemblies services of the same.

Retrofit of cooling towers of any type and manufacturer, with cross flow or counterflow of the type of suction or insufflation.

Engineering services to evaluate the conditions of the equipment, with an indication of the problems, their causes and solutions are offered free of charge by the Alpina Equipment.