Alpina´s solid experience in the manufacture of components for water cooling towers has included the development of a complete and versatile line of axial fans, for a variety of applications. The “Air-foil” profile and the smooth and polished surfaces of the blades allow for superior results. Thanks to the enormous operational experience to which they have been subjected, Alpina fans have proven to be reliable and safe, not subject to mechanical failures which occur frequently in the case of heavy fans with metallic blades.

For diameters between 0.4 and 1.0m, Alpina supplies axial fans constructed with aluminum cubes and polypropylene blades.

For diameters from 2.25 to 20m, Alpina utilizes blades made with polyester fiberglass and steel cubes, protected by apoxi powder electrostatically applied.

Please check out our models:

Small size, VAP/PAL series

Made of extremely resistant plastic. They can girate in both directions: induced draft or forced draft, depending on how the blades are assembled.

Used for peripheral speeds of up to 70m/s. They allow for operation between extreme temperatures of 30°C up to 70°C (please consult).

Diameters are standardized. Special diameters may be furnished, upon consultation.

Medium and large size, series 8EM2, 9EM2, 20E

Axial fans with up to 20m in diameter used in large used in large siderurgical plants, petrochemical plants as well as in large thermoelectric plants.


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Ventiladores Axiais Médio e Grande Porte
Axial Fans / Ventiladores axiales

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Ventiladores Axiais Pequeno Porte
Axial Fans / Ventiladores axiales

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