• To be erected in batteries, with water flow up to 205 m³/hr per cell;
  • Re-designed after a great number of years of practical and successful experience;
  • Allow for easy access and easy cleaning procedures – the cleaning may take from 15 to 60 minutes depending on the cell´s model;
  • Drift losses are minimized due to carefully designed modern centrifugal disks and turbulence deflectors (patented);
  • Complete drainage of the cold vinasse tanks;
  • Optional: filling which increase thermal efficiency (lower cold vinasse temperature, which can be re-utilized in the ferment´s dilution).;
  • All of the parts resist corrosion by vinasse and/or its vapors;;
  • Easy access to the bottom of the basins for removal of the decanted slop-mud, by way of a lateral entrance.;
  • Acesso fácil ao fundo das bacias, para eventual retirada do lado decantado, através de postigo lateral.



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