Alpina, which specializes in water cooling towers, has for over 60 years supplied towers to thousands of clients throughout Brazil, as well as in other South American and Central American countries.   Alpina is Brazil´s leading and largest water cooling tower manufacturer.

During 35 years, Alpina maintained a technical cooperation agreement with Balcke Dürr, a German company which is one of the world´s largest producers of towers.  Since the  end of the agreement, Alpina has developed its own research and development.


Alpina Equipamentos’ mission is to lead in terms of service quality.  Alpina has been dedicated, since 1949, in producing the best possible products, in offering competitive and innovative systems and solutions, always aiming to satisfy its clients.  Through its traditional motto, “Water + Energy + Environment,” Alpina demonstrates its preoccupation with the sustainability of its products and operations.


Alpina´s vision is to be a highly qualified producer of reliable, efficient, and long-lasting cooling towers, using the most modern technologies and offering an excellent comparative cost, thereby earning its clients´ respect as well as their preference.


Alpina´s values are to offer to its clients products which function efficiently with low maintenance needs; supply superior products at competitive prices, thereby obtaining a noteworthy cost-benefit ratio; and assure the satisfaction of its clients while fully complying with contractual arrangements and specifications.